OPINION!! Wizkid New Song “Money And Love” Is A Complete Flop/Trash – Below Expectations


Wizkid has announced that his new upcoming album: “More Love, Less Ego” would be out on November 3.

The album is set to include the single “Bad to Me,” which was produced by Wizkid’s longtime collaborator P2J. Also, the Afrobeat singer has released a new song called “Money & Love” which arrives with an accompanying video.

In the visual, Wizkid stands on the sidewalk sipping tea while trading glances with two women at a newsstand.

Money And Money Review:

Wizkid Money and Love lyrics highlight his relationship with a woman because she is the only one that knows how he feels.

Money and Love by Wizkid also pointed out that while the lady is confused, she should know that he has everything she wants, including money because that’s the most important thing per se in terms of material things in a relationship.


Wizkid just wanted to have sex with the lady and he hopes she gets inkling of that because what he wants majorly is sexual relations with her.

Relatability: Wizkid’s Money and Love lyrics are relatable in the sense that men are almost always crazy about women when they see their body and they can’t get over it. This makes them very obsessed in such a way that they can never get over the lady unless they are with her.

This is what Wizkid implies in Money and Love. The lady is the only one that knows how to be Bad to him. He wants to have sexual relations with her and he doesn’t hide it. This is what he wants and he knows that too. To an extent, that makes Wizkid’s Money and Love very relatable.

Delivery: Delivery is not Wizkid’s strongest suit, but with this particular song- Money and Love, it is singularly different in terms of delivery.

Wizkid delivered this song with a passion that gets us interested in the song even though the song is a total flop. He sounds excited and convinced about the song.

Replay Value: Let’s be real. Wizkid’s Money and Love does not mark a clear or distinct turn in his career.

It sounds like just another single. The song is actually better lyrically than “Bad to me”, and also, the fact that it sounds so much better instrumentally is another plus.

There are songs that are better than Money and Love, but that doesn’t take away from the song’s sheer musicality. Wizkid tried on this one but still a floppy disc.

Personally, I will rate this song 5/10.


 “Money And Love” Is A Complete Flop/Trash – Below Expectations

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