Genezico – Valentine jokes


Valentine jokes ???

1. My dear Sister , you don’t owe anyone a flat tummy. Live your life with your Polly tank tummy. If he wants a flat tummy, let him date a snake ??

2.Impregnating a girl in Europe is so nice that her parents will even buy you a car ,but in Nigeria, the curse only will change your destiny??

3. I’ll be in my room sitting/lying comfortably for a long time without anybody visiting.

But the moment I fart, that’s when someone will come in…
Why me?? ?

4. I just told a girl that she’s so ugly even if she swallowed magnets she won’t be attractive ?? her forming too much ?

5. I wonder why men can’t stick with one woman, but can stick to one football club which hasn’t won any trophy since 2004……am not saying it’s Arsenal ??
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6. Ladies will go and wear heels so high and be walking as if they are walking on the path of righteousness ??

7. That ugly moment when your girlfriend throws you on the bed, trying to be sexy, but you hit your head on the bedstead and die… straight to Hell fire ??

8. My sister you deleted the Bible app on your phone and downloaded Snapchat I hope the flower filters will reduce the heat in hell???

9. The best errand most men love to run is,when a lady tells them. Oh! Baby go and lock the door first. Even the president obeys.. ??

10. Some Pastor and their funny prayer point…
Which one is *O Lord use me till I become useless??

11. Can some one tell these girls who wear chains around their legs that the SLAVE TRADE is over!! Stop giving us flash backs!! ??

12. If babies knew how many adult mouths have sucked the same breast before them, they’ll prefer taking fanta or Coke??

13. After shouting baby eat me like INDOMIE,u wil come to church on Sunday and be singing I KNOW WHO I AM
Yes na we all know that u are an INDOMIE ??

14.I promised to drop my wassup number today
. Please only Wassup, please don’t call
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