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1. A jealous girlfriend will be like “I called you last night and I heard the voice of a naked woman”?
Chaiiiiiiii, witchcraft is real.

2. U might be ugly buh believe me, if U have a good character and a good heart…U are still ugly my dear????‍♂️???

3. Aunty if your husband can’t satisfy you, close your legs and sleep??! You are in a marriage and not in a porn house.?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

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I hate nonsense???

4. I stopped using free mode the day my crush posted her dog and I commented “wow ur dad iz kinda handsome”.????

5. Don’t trust a girl who doesn’t use her father’s name on social media.
If she can deny her father. My brother! who are you ????

6. I Sneezed in a Chinese restaurant last night and accidentally ended up ordering a dish ?

7. At times.. I just dress good, look at the mirror then go back to bed and start shedding tears of JOY.. because Money Go Fit me!??

8. That moment when your bus accidentally moves and you werent seated yet then you mistakenly bite someone’s meat-pie 3times
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9. In a relationship there’s always a third party waiting for your break up the devil has named them BESTIE ?????

10. Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then booom he wears it everyday ???????

11. You see those guys dat don’t post anything here but always online .They re busy begging girls 2 come 2 deir house? ??

12. It’s only in NIGERIA that you will buy blue jeans and after washing it you can use the water to paint two bedroom self contain.

13. You are going without reacting ?
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