Today mark exactly 6years since u suddenly departed from me😢. I still remember very well how we met and fell in love with each other🌹😘.
It was on a sunny afternoon💕,when I was doing some shopping at a market and I suddenly came across you in one of the best shop🌹😢. You really looked nice on that day🤦‍♀️. I admired you and you
admired me too,❤😍but at the moment we both lacked words to say to each other🥰. I left the shop and walked back home.🤦‍♂️
Deep within me I was totally disturbed💔. The following day I decided to walk back to the same shop just to check if you were still there and to my surprise you were there😳🥰.
So I decided to make my first approach because I was madly in love with you😘💋.
For sure you were very beautiful, so as they say,”the rest is history”. We decided to stay together✨😊. I dearly appreciate you because you gave me total peace for all that duration🌹. Then the unfortunate happened on a day like today😒😢.
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That day we were on a bike and I was the one riding. As we were approaching a sharp
bend near a building I don’t exactly remember what happened. You fell down and before I could come to your rescue an on coming vehicle crushed you right in
front of my eyes💔😭. I was totally confused😭😭. The
vehicle did not stop. I yelled without knowing what to do next😢😢. A friend came to my aid and we rushed you to the nearest hospital. The doctors tried all they could do, but it was all in vain.😭
My dear you were no more😭. I couldn’t believe it. I cried like never before.😢😒💔
It took me time to accept the loss. Since your
departure I have never met anyone like you.💔💔 They are all fake,they are giving me total
headache,but all in all, life has to continue😭😢.

💥⚔️ Genezico⚔️💥
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