Genezico – LAUGH with my account number na



LAUGH with my account number na 😂😂😂.

1. I visited my Chinese friend in the hospital 🏥. My Chinese friend just kept on Saying “CHI YU YAN” repeatedly and he died😑. I had to go to China to find out the meaning of my friend’s last words 🙃. Finally i found out the meaning is “YOU ARE STANDING ON THE OXYGEN TUBE”😭😭😭😭😭.

2. To whom it may concern 😑 : Shave your armpit now 😏, not when you take selfie you will now use innocent emoji to cover your evil forest 🙃😂🏃😂💔😂.

3. God will judge you 😐,God will judge you…. that is me testing Mic 🎤 at my Ex’s wedding 😐😂😂😂.

4. I believe my neighbour has opened a church in his house 🏠 with his girlfriend because since 4:00am till now 😏, all i have been hearing is “Oh My God! Oh My God! 😁😁🤣.

5. Girls😏, giving a guy your number knowing very well you will refuse his proposal is one of the Square roots of Satanism 😏😏😑.

6. Nobody noticed that Jesus Christ talking to 5,000 people without a Microphone 🎤 is a miracle😏. We only focused on the Bread🍞 and Fish🐟.
LAUGH with my account number na 😂😂😂.

Ezenwa Emmanuel
Diamond bank

7. My neighbour lost 3 healthy chickens 🐔 and one goat🐐. Instead of asking me 😢, he travelled to the Village 😑. Is that how things are being done 😩😩😩.

8. S3x- You Cry 😏
Break-up- You cry 😐
Menstruation- You Cry 😑
Child Birth- You cry😒
Wedding- You cry 🙃
Girls, what exactly is your problem 😏🤣🤣💔🏃🏃.

9. I have never heard twins calling each other “twinie”😏. It is always two fake friends 😂😂😂.

10. Someone said when a short person waves at you, it is called Microwave 😂💔😂🏃. Infact am done here 🚶🚶🚶.
Have a wonderful weekend 😍, and don’t forget “Stay happy Always”🤩🤩

I no say I no be davido Appreciate me too

Ezenwa Emmanuel
Diamond bank

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