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Laugh out ur sorrow ??????????
1. So this beautiful girl? in my street will not
come out today that I’m wearing fine
clothes?, its when I want to go and buy
bread ? she will appear like evil spirit???????

2. This Nigerian movie I’m watching now,
one girl ?went to babalowo to make his ex
boyfriend? run mad, only to find out that the
native doctor was the boy’s father?…
Lemme not tell you what happened next,???
I’ll tell you in the next episode????

3. If I didn’t make you laugh?, I understand,
you failed your Jamb, I wasn’t expecting you
to laugh, if you laugh and didn’t react, I
understand you peeped the post through
somebodys phone, you don’t have a phone,
if you laugh and didn’t comment, I
understand… you’re not good in spelling,
you don’t want to embarrass yourself…
I am very very understanding??????

4. A lady who closes her eyes during sex is not doing dat cos of shyness,but feels guilty looking at differents face all d time????
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5.Message from my babe
Babe?:Didn’t you see my message?
Okikiola:is it the one you said you missed your period?
Babe:Yes honey?
Okikiola: No ..I didn’t see it..????
Case closed ????

6. We didn’t even listen to Amaka side of the story!!
We just agreed that she disappointed 2face???

7. Happiness is when you are eating akara and thought it has finish,when you touch d nylon u discover dere izz still one inside???

8. If you don’t want to send her money ?…tell her?
Which one is “I tried your account number but it was switched off” ???guys?are too intelligent?????

9. Being single for too long is not good o….now have forgotten how to spell relassionsheep..??????

10. At a Burial of one Millitery Man yesterday, many soldier came, the Burial was massive,

while I was there my brother called me on phone to ask who killed the chicken ? at home ?

The pastor that was preaching at the funeral was saying “Whosever that killed this man will confess today?

I tried to reply my brother in a low voice but he couldn’t hear me because the place was noisy?, so I shouted “It’s Me”?

?Brothers and sister, the next thing I can remember is that I woke up in the hospital this morning, 6 teeth missing, swollowen face, and broken bones???

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