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1. Guys That Don’t Have Money To Buy Home Theatre Will Keep Saying “I Don’t Like Noise” 😂
POVERTY u are a bastard😕😕😕

2. I vomited two times today in the presence of my mum and she has been looking at me somehow, should I remind her that am not pregnant, that I’m a man?😂😂

3. The other day I saw two blind people
fighting, I shouted “I’m supporting the one with the knife!”
they both ran away.🤣🤣

4. The Best Place To Chill And Flex
Is In Your Dreams,
If You Have No Money To Pay,
Just Wake Up Nobody Will Catch You.

5. If Adam and Eve were Igbo people, human beings would have still been living in the garden of eden, because they would have sold the forbidden fruit to Lucifer instead of eating it.
Proudly an Igbo Guy😂😂
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6. If you’re crushing on me say it now oh. Not when u see my pre-wedding shoot u will be shouting his wife is not fine self, and you will start zooming her picture to know how many ribs she have.😂😂

7. Cigarette and weed are for small boys
Real men Like us take mosquito coil😂😂

8. Lost 50k this morning tied with a yellow rubber band, don’t even know how it happened..my problem is not even d 50k buh d rubber band I borrowed 4rm my neighbor to tie d money.😕😕
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9. “Look into my eyes and tell me you love me”
Na so some people take catch Apolo 👁😂

10. Wife: honey, I see you always carry my photo with you whenever you go to work, why?
Husband: its because you motivate me
Wife: Wow🤗…I didnt know I had that good effect on you
Husband: you know what, whenever I face a difficult situation at work I just take out your photo and say to myself, there is no problem bigger than this one.

11. My sister,if he tells u he loves u from the bottom of his heart..ask him who is at the top..I hate nonsense lies😂
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12. Someone said we re nothing but pencil in d hand of d Creator. Except fat people, Those ones re markers😂😂

13. Stop ignoring my post, am not your Ex 😂 I did nothing to you 😏
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