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Just laugh

[1] U went to club, u smoked cigarettes, weed and ended it with shi-sha.??
But ur mother asked u to cook with firewood and u will be like…… “Mum I don’t like smoke”
May palm tree fall on u there?? ?

[2] ME: baby, where are you?
Girl: Am on my way to work, my dad is driving me with his Mercedes Benz X-class because his Infinity-45 is in garage for service. And you dear, where are you?.
ME : well, i’m in a Danfo bus sitting behind you. I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn’t pay the conductor, I’ve already paid for you?
The passengers burst out of laughter and that’s how she broke up with me saying I humiliated her ?‍♂️
Shebi na my fault ni!!??????

[3] O boy!!! Thank God o!
I saved a life 2day I asked a Beggar, How will you feel if I give you #10,000.
He replied, “Oga, I go die”
So I kept my money
Na so I for just kill person go jail?????

[4] Being Ugly is Bad?. People will just Look? at Ur Face and Conclude U are Wicked☠
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[5] Dickson: Mummy why did Auntie Akua name her daughter Diamond
MUM: Sometimes my dear,,mothers name their children after what they like best?
Dickson: So what’s behind my name
MUM: Ooooh Dickson stop worrying me….???

[6] Three major tribes in Nigeria

[7] 10.Guys the best way to punish ur dad is by joining priesthood so that if he calls you “FATHER”and u will answer him “MY SON GOD LOVES YOU”.
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[8] ushers In Church, They Act Like They’re The Biological Children Of God. And The Rest Of Us Were Just Adopted..??

[9] Condoms should be for sale, Pads should be free. Sex is a choice, but menstruation is NOT. Some young girls are really struggling.. ???

[10] YOU CANNOT give a woman everything she needs. If God Himself gave them eyebrows, they shave it and draw their own. God gave them nails, they cut it off and fixed their own, God gave them hair, they cut it off and fixed their own,He gave them breast, they repackage it to what they want, God still gave them buttocks ,they arrange it to the size they want.
If even God can’t satisfy them then who are U to think that you can please them ?
My brother relax we cannot comman kill ourselves✌✌✌??.

[11] Marriage without a sidechick is like a government without an opposition party. let us not be dictators in marriage allow democracy. ?‍♂️

[12] I knew my girlfriend was cheating on me
the night she text
me, “Baby am going out with my friend
While her friend Regina was sleeping on my
Women Are Wicked ???

[13] He said He will take you to place you never been before ,
you become so happy , He took you to His Village
You start to Vex , My sister have you been to His Village before ????

[14] No matter how hard life becomes,Don’t Commit suicide?just hang Yourself?

[15] You buy data No network?
You don’t have data , Full network??. Please don’t tell me anything, Witchcraft is real ?

[16] You come online to toast a girl who has 5000 friends……my brother wetin u wan tell her wey she never hear before ??????

[17] You come here, you see my jokes, you copied my post in another group without reacting.?? Fall down and die ??

[18].As a man if u start waking up In the morning
with no erection it’s time to write a will.

[19] You are only 15 years but your relationship status is “Complicated”
What happened my daughter?
Did he steal your Crayons?

[20] Nigerian can arrest you for anything these days ? ? they can be like “You’re under arrest for wearing black trouser just like us” you want to confuse people making them think you’re a policeman, oya enter motor ?

[21] Crushing on me without telling me is crush abuse, shey you know? ? ?

[22] I once cried for heartbreak, but after eating fried rice and chicken, I drank coke… Then I realize it was hunger?

[23] I once broke the record of running 100m in 15secs,,, but the only witness I have is the dog that was chasing me???

[24]Bro u’re Dating dat girl for more than ?3years, with no intention of marrying her Biko..Uncle pharaoh biko let my sister go ????

[25] And some girls after reading my jokes, they would laugh for 10minutes and still comment “Lol, Stephen I no fit laugh abeg ??”… ? ?

[26] Shortly before I write this post, I saw some village people planning on who to follow, I quickly hide and sneak away, but I think I overheard them saying they’ll start following anybody that will read this post laugh and go away without liking, commenting, and following my profile,? lol… If na wetin you plan before, you think you’re doing me???? You’re doing yourself????

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