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1. Whenever I’m writing jokes, I like using Big Big grammers even if i
dont know the meaning because it make me to feel so

2. Last night I had a dream and I was kissing my neighbour’s daughter but this morning she saw me
and pretended like nothing happened
Girls can pretend ooh
3. QUESTION: How will you protect your daughter from heart breakers?
ME: Simple! I will give her the name “I’M NOT INTERESTED” so that if a guy asks her “hey beauty what’s your name?” she will reply “I’m not interested”
please let wisdom kill me.
4. Two reasons why i don’t let my girlfriend touch my iPhone
1. I don’t have a girlfriend
2. I don’t have an iphone
5. It’s only in Nigeria u will see 10 boys Teaching one girl how to swim..
6. MY Ex called to tell me she can’t sleep. So i told her to read Isaiah 48:22 which says. “There’s no peace for the wicked!”
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7. Broke girls be like “baby i haven’t eaten since morning cus i
was thinking of u” sista stop lying, u dont have money to eat
8. If u see the way some Guys shake their this thing after urinating
eehn.. No one will tell u dat dey were bell ringers during their
secondary school

9. How to tell a girl she is Ugly without making her feel insulted, just say
10. Electricity in Nigeria is gradually
becoming eclipse of the sun, very soon children will start going
On excursion to NEPA office just to see light..

11. A Girl Searched On Google.. “Am
Pregnant How Can I
Tell My Parents?”
*Google Replied… “If You Can Open
Your Legs Why Can’t
You Open Your Mouth?”
12. Girls that do Ghana weaving, with Brazilian wool on
a Nigerian hair, how do you survive
with three countries
on one head?

13. On my wedding day during the kissing
section in church..
My Rev fr. Should kukuma bring bed,
Because we die here today!
14. When you are too single that even when you type
“kissing” auto correct changes it to “kidding.” May your
story change this 2019.
15. Engineers are so lonely that even GF means
Grounds Floor to them
16. The phone that I bought with my own money is
now correcting my English.. Is this not lack of home training?.

17. My sister, married to a short man and if he
cheats on you ju top of a fridge
until he behaves normal.
18. Brothers, but why marry a Lady with small breasts?
What if you finish the milk before the kids arrive??
…. Abeg na joke oo
19. The reason why Nigerian women don’t go to Olympic in Brazil is because they are afraid of meeting the owners of their Brazilian hair.. Lol
20. If a watch is thrown up into the air
Can we call that AIRTIME
21. My camera fell on a spider web so I call it “web cam?”
22. If I roll an egg on the ground, can I call it “egg roll?”
23. What do u say when Kun Aguero is a mayor?
24. Wearing a Skirt in a car Can we call it
25. If I get an award for cartaarh
Can I call it a CATASTROPHE?
26. If Jonathan takes Patience to the gym, can we say he’s exercising patience?
27. You bought pant and bra for her and another man remove it ,do I need to teach you Separation of powers??
Dear future wifey, your husband is a man of wisdom..
28. My sister when your boyfriend shout at you, you cry, but when your mum shout at you, you shout back at her, my sista the thunder that will strike u hav voters card.
29. My brother you keep on asking every girl on Facebook for their contact. My brother tell us, do you register sim cards?
30. She brokeup with u because u’re broke.. No problem, when u get a job of 100k or more.. Just include her number in the bank notification numbers. Thank you!
31. My sister if your Boyfriend is cheating
on you with another girl, don’t cry just
steal that girl’s number from his phone.
Call that lady ,pretend to be his sister and
thank her for encouraging him for taking
his H.I.V. drugs ,then sit back and watch.
God will handle the rest.

32. Do you know you can invite thunder to fire you without saying anything?


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