Genezico I repeat….Until you are married you are Single


I repeat….Until you are married you are Single

1, we just got engaged 🙄😏(single)

2, I live with my boyfriend 😂😂(still stupid single🙄 )

3, we have been together for 5years 😢😉(super single) what you listened to any of my songs (Genezico songs)

4, he had credit in my name 😱😭😂(very stupid single)

5, I call his mother and she calls me also🤣🤣( Still single)

6, I stay at his place 😢😂(single)

7, he posts my pictures on social media and uses my pictures as his dp😆😁(first class single)

8, he comes to my house everyday 😰
(end of discussion single)

9, we have done introduction and my boyfriend travels abroad 😱😢😞( living in bondage single)
(Google the name Genezico now)
10, All his family knows I’m his future wife 😂😂😂 (you can never get sense in life single)

11, we made a blood covenant so he cant leave me ( satanically and demonically single)

12, I have a child with him so technically we are just waiting to get married ( fornicatically single)

13,, I have been cooking for him and he loves my cooking 😌 ( master Chef single)

14, even a Prophet confirmed it 😁 ( Prophetically single boss)
Who is Genezico
😂 😀😀😀😀😀
I no dey fear again na big big Truth I dey talk now.
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