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Have you been on a date before. Well, let me tell you how mine went. The broke guy goes for a date. Hope you don’t laugh.

The call came in that afternoon after I returned from church. It was the new girl I met.

“Genezico, are you home?”

“Of course”

“Okay. I want to take you out today since you have not asked me out on a date since we started dating last two weeks”

I didn’t know what to say oh. I was kinda ashamed of myself. It’s not like I don’t want to but the means. Broke guy like me. What would I even get her if I ask her out on a date.

“Anyway, just come fresh, you know.”

“What time and where?”

“That would be at Royal Palace Hotel. Meet me there in the next 15 minutes.

I quickly hurried and took my bath. I chose my best cloth , my Christmas Wear for next month.😂

I looked around the house but nothing to spray. She asked me to smell fresh. Well after some minutes of contemplation, I cut the fresh curry plant that my mother planted. Of course, I used it to scrub my black trouser avoiding stains. Now, I’m smelling fresh.

I reached the hotel in good time and saw her sitting on a space for two provision. I quietly walked to where she was. She laughed and gave me a mid-warm hug.

“Hmm, why are smelling like a plant?”

I shined my teeth and said.

“Let’s go and sit down please, it’s just a curry leave.”

She removed her hands, “curry leaves”
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