“`1. No matter how beautiful and handsome you’re just
Baboon and Gorillas also attract tourists .
Stop Boasting
2. No matter how big and strong you are,
you will not carry yourself to your Grave .
Be Humble
3. No matter how tall you are,
you can never see tomorrow.
Be Patient
4. No matter how Light Skinned you are,
you will always need light in Darkness
Take Caution
5. No matter how Rich and many Cars you have,
you will always Walk to Bed
Be Contented
Take Life Easy, Life is short.
Have you taken note of the
1. CHURCH has 6 letters
so does MOSQUE.
2. BIBLE has 5 letters
so does QURAN.
3. LIFE has 4 letters
so does DEAD.
4. HATE has 4 letters,
so does LOVE.
5. ENEMIES has 7 letters,
so does FRIENDS.
6. LYING has 5 letters,
so does TRUTH.
7. HURT has 4 letters,
so does HEAL.
8. NEGATIVE has 8 letters,
so does POSITIVE.
9. FAILURE has 7 letters,
so does SUCCESS.
10. BELOW has 5 letters,
so does ABOVE.
11. CRY has 3 letters
so does JOY.
12. ANGER has 5 letters,
so does HAPPY.
13. RIGHT has 5 letters,
so does WRONG.
14. RICH has 4 letters,
so does POOR.
15. FAIL has 4 letters,
so does PASS.
16. KNOWLEDGE has 9 letters,
so does IGNORANCE.
Are they all by Coincidence?
We should choose wisely, this means LIFE is like a
double-edged sword.
If you think it is your alarm clock that woke you up this
try putting it beside a dead body and you will realise
that it is the grace of God that woke you up.
If you are grateful to God, please say thank you… inform
them that
it is JUST BY THE GRACE OF GOD that we are alive today.
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