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1. I’m not too good in cooking but
at least I know kettle is used for frying
meat ????

2. He broke your virginity YOU did 5
abortions for him. You dated him for
6years and he still later married your
friend. My sister feel free to use him for
ritual. God will understand ???

3.I mistakenly opened Snapchat and
closed it immediately. I got a text from
MTN,’Dear customer, be
careful eee ????
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4. If you are broke and your woman is
paying the bills. My brother it’s your duty
to scream during sex. You can’t be
useless day and night! ???

5. Last Night i dreamt Eating Noddles..
Now I can’t find My USB

6. My Landlord has been Disturbing me for
House Rent, he doesn’t know I am the Girl
he is dating on Social Media. I don’t feel
like giving him 10k he sents me last
week ????
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7. Many Are Online but Few can See
pictures ?????

8. Imagine toasting a girl in a wedding
ceremony and your mom just walk in and
say put this food ina nylon is our night
food e ????

9. Some guys will be calling ladies my
queen But when queen ask for 2k.
The kingdom will scatter and the igwe will
disappear! ???

10. Those who are doing agriculture
please tell me why chickens run before
having sex ????

11.I told my girlfriend, “Sorry for breaking
your heart” and she said “Don’t worry my
father is a doctor, he’ll fix it. I was happy
until I heard her father is a native doctor.
Infact I can feel the heart surgery on my
body now ???

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