ANNIVERSARY!!!. Rankotex Roofing Systems is 2years….


Anniversary! Anniversary!! Anniversary!!!

Rankotex Roofing Systems is 2years….

We are going to Celebrate Rankotex at 2.

Come 23rd of December 2021….

There will be lot of funs as Rankotex Roofing Systems marks her second birthday….

Also their will be price/award for some of her highest buyers…
[We all are highly invited…..

Venue:- Modus Plaza, 3 Erikowa stress, Off New NPA Express Way, by Yellow Gate Warri. 

Contact,  Rankotex for more information, 08037337451.

You are Rankotex, without you, there will be no Rankotex….

Rankotex is going to invite us all in a grand style..


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